“I want to see you be brave”

Walt Disney is credited with saying, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible,” and we believe that truer words have never been spoken. Everyday we wake up with the capacity to get an inkling, which turns into a thought, which turns into an idea, and bam(!) a dream is born. Dreams are our truest desire made real, giving us an opportunity to act on our dreams to create a new world. Sometimes our dreams seem unbearably big, so big in fact, that we let them go without ever having given them a try. Have you ever heard the phrase, “pipe dream?” A pipe dream is a plan or hope which seems unrealistic or fanciful, something, dare we type, impossible… 

But, look at what Mr. Disney was able to accomplish; he created dozens of characters and an empire built on fantasy which grows everyday, even though this dreamer is no longer with us. What’s more, look at Mr. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America, and see someone who worked hard every day of his life to become one of the most powerful people in this world. He is the first (and to-date only) Person of Color to be elected to the highest office in our (for those of you reading this in the US) country. And of course we won’t forget how important women are to our country; Ilhan Omar is the first Somali-American, Muslim women to be elected to the state legislature, how cool is that? And how courageous are these three for taking chances of following their dreams?  
It takes courage to believe that you can do something, when your experience of the world tells you differently. Yoga teaches us that we are responsible for and capable of ignoring experience, and breaking patterns that hold us back, keeping us stuck. Many people believe that karma is the Universe’s way of providing for us (reward), as a result of past good behavior, and taking away from us (punishment), as a result of past bad behavior, but really, karma is simply action. It’s movement, either forwards or backwards, depending on our state of mind, at any given time. We build patterns, or samskaras, which create deep indentations in our minds. These indentations, paths, are so ingrained in our understanding that they create our perception and personality. 
Sometimes samskaras create pathways in our minds which are inherently wonderful and we act in a manner that supports positive change not only for ourselves, but for the world around us. Unfortunately, there are samskaras which may have benefit (at least outwardly) to us, but cause pain to others, leading us down the path of negative karma. Again, karma is simply action so ultimately our patterns have driven us to do something innately wrong, like hurting people, causing harm. It is our responsibility to break these patterns, to create new pathways, so that one day all of our actions are good, not only for us, but for humanity as a whole. Maybe today that seems a little impossible, but what seems impossible today, can, with intention, be absolutely surmountable just by being brave enough to try.     

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