We believe, do you? 

Welcome back to school! Sure, some of you have been back for about week already and others of you attend school all year long, but for many, like me, the school year started again today and that is very exciting! Each new school year provides an opportunity to begin again, to learn more and to show just how intelligent we can be. 

Intelligence is an interesting concept, it brings with it a particular idea about who an intelligent person is and what they might look, sound and act like. The good news, intelligence, just like any other characteristic can be a part of anyone. There is a learning principle called the growth mindset, and the idea is that learners are only capable of learning what our grown-ups tell us we can learn, i.e. if we’re told that we can learn anything, and are given the space to do so, we can in fact learn anything. 

Sure, we each have our own gifts, things we are predisposed to learn more easily than the other things we learn, and that’s in-part due to the fact that we have an interest in learning those things. It doesn’t mean though, that there are things we can’t learn, but we have to believe that we can learn something otherwise we give up often without having ever even tried. A growth mindset comes from a place in which the people responsible for helping us learn believe that we can learn the information, tell us that we can learn the information and then let us try without getting frustrated with the length of time it takes us to learn and master the information. What’s more they won’t let us get frustrated with ourselves either.

Believing in yourself takes confidence, but having confidence often requires that we first have patience and love for ourselves. We can seem outwardly, on the surface, to believe that we can do anything, but believing it’s possible and giving ourselves the time and space to achieve our goals is something else entirely… We know you’re smart, you know you’re smart, everyone who loves you knows that you’re smart, and now it’s time to treat yourself with loving kindness so that you can demonstrate your intelligence. 

Try working with your heart chakra, wheel, the Anahatha Chakra to give yourself more love. Consider taking a long blanket and rolling it up so that it’s the shape of a long tootsie roll, then lay it flat on the floor. Lay your body from tailbone to shoulders over the length of the blanket, and bring the bottoms of your feet together and knees reaching towards the floor for Supta Bhadda Konasana, reclined bound angle pose. Close your eyes and imagine a bright light holding and filling your heart, stay there for 3-5 minutes. While you’re there practice the breath affirmation: inhaling – truth, exhaling – uncertainty. 

Because the truth is that only you have the power to overcome doubt; you must believe in yourself in order for anyone else to believe in you. And, when in doubt, know that we at the Playful Yogi believe in you 100-percent! 

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