We (will be) all one, as long as we work at it everyday…

Yoga, to yoke, means union; yoga at it’s essence is the definition of non-dualism. Non-dualism is the concept, idea, that everything around us, seen and unseen, known and unknown, are the very same thing as we are, and what we are is energy. According to the principles of yoga we spend our entire Earthly lives working to break through our perceptions of reality into what is bliss, true knowing. This is definitely a heavy topic, and not really the topic of this week’s post. It is however a good opener for the true purpose of this post: “We are all one.” It’s a pretty simple statement that packs with it a big punch, so to speak. 

You see, everyone in the Universe is made of the same basic components and we all come from the same Universal energy, whatever that energy looks like to you. And then, due to our own dualism, our perceptions, we have created a space in which we are only different, and because of those differences we’ve decided put people into categories, classifications. How silly is that? We classify, for the purpose of clarity, fruits, flowers and animals, but people… The classification is simply people. No one, and I mean no one is better than anyone else, we are all people, and with that we carry our own unique talents and strengths; we are truly better when we work together. 

And yet, sadly, there are some people for whom the skin-deep differences are enough to sub-classify human beings into a lesser category of people, and that is unacceptable. This month we, at the Playful Yogi, are hoping you will join us in celebrating all kinds of diversity. Diversity is everywhere, it is the differences we possess that makes us a whole community, complementary to one another, like puzzle pieces fitting together to be the best sangha, community, that we can be, all of us – together. 

Now, we could say, “We are all one,” and leave it at that, but that would irresponsible to the people who have not been treated like one since the beginning of this country, the United States. Celebrating diversity means seeing it, not ignoring it; we need to see what people have gone through, historically and culturally so that we can one day live up to the principle that we are in fact all one. Unfortunately, we’re not there, yet. We have a long way to go in helping our fellow sangha, community, members lift up to a space where we can live on an even-playing field, and until that day comes, a day in which everyone, everywhere is afforded opportunities and circumstances meaningful to their own lives, we are responsible for changing the playing field so that everyone can live well.    

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