Unity, it’s not just a day — It’s yoga! 

Tomorrow marks the end of National Bullying Prevention Month, and while certainly bullying prevention and awareness are an every single day activity, there’s something kind of poetic about ending a month specifically devoted to this topic on Halloween. Halloween, a very fun day for sure(!), is a day on which we pretend to be someone other than ourselves. Imagination and playing pretend is an awesome way to light-up our creativity centers, and so absolutely be a superhero or a princess or a cactus for the day… Whatever you choose to dress-up as, if you have the opportunity to dress up this year, let it be something/someone that/who you admire, and maybe even try to learn a little more about that thing/person? 

And then, on November 1st, go back to being exactly who you are. It’s fun to sometimes pretend to be someone other than who we are born to be, but it’s just that, pretend; no matter how hard we work we can never aspire (try to become) a dog. We could aspire to be a firefighter or a scientist, and if that’s what you’d like to grow-up to do for work then great. Remember, though, that jobs are just jobs, test scores are just test scores, who we are is built into our soul, and that’s the part of us that needs the most nurturing. 

We need to like ourselves in order to be the best version of ourselves, and in order to do so we need to be built-up by those around us, or at the very least, we cannot be broken down by those around us. Enter in the concept of anti-bullying. A bully uses their power and status to diminish the power of someone else, and in doing so builds their own power even more. But, our individual power isn’t less just because someone else in our circle also has power, we can, and should each have the same amount of power, strength and confidence! 

Last Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, was National Unity Day, a day on which school-aged students across the country were encouraged and applauded for their appreciation and acceptance of other people’s differences. National Unity Day is an amazing day, because we get to tell the world how awesome it is to be an individual, and how in being unique we can build a stronger, more successful and happy community of individuals. When we celebrate each other’s distinct experiences, talents and voices, we have an opportunity to learn and advance our common goals. We come together as one, which is the point of yoga after all, Yoga, to yoke or union. Ask yourself, and comment below, how you can build community, union, with someone new today.  

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