A most wonderful (eh-hem) time of year…

What a wonderful time of year! I mean the snow is falling and friends are calling after all, aren’t they? It’s December and with it comes ever-shortening days (leading up to the solstice) and the pressure to deliver – and no I don’t mean the big guy’s one-night only appearance at every stop around the world, I mean the pressure to be “on.” Whether we are two or 92, there are expectations placed upon us to perform, and that can be daunting, overwhelming and downright humbuggy even. I love this time of year, truly I do, and I, like many of us, feel the fuss and often drain that this time of year brings. So, what do we do about?

Well, that depends on you. — Not what you thought you were going to read, was it? You see, from an Ayurvedic, the sister science to yoga, perspective we each experience the world through the lense of our doshic, the three genetic constitutions which define our own beings, the world around us, and everything in it, makeup, and each of us has a unique constitution, and set of imbalances. As such it is nearly impossible for me, or anyone really, to tell the masses how to feel better when they’re feeling down, because each of us experiences “down” in different ways.

Some of us might be sad, some mad and some may seem utterly giddy, and yet really what you may be seeing is their nervous energy seeping out of every pore. *Deep breath* that’s a lot to take in. What I can say, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind is that yoga will fix it, whatever ‘it’ is to you, today. Yoga, union or to yoke, is the practice (yes, practice – it takes time and effort to master) of coming together as one. Not the oneness of sharing gifts, or even a meal with one another, but the oneness that presents itself through the practice of sitting together in complete comfort and steadiness.

Remember last week, when I wrote a little bit about sutra, thread, 2.46: sthira sukham asanam, calmness and steadiness in posture, this comfort and steadiness are needed throughout our experiences and perceptions, especially when we feel overwhelmed, so that we may respond instead of react and love rather than h*** (I don’t say/write the H-word, because it serves no purpose, except to remind us that we can and should(!) do better) and in turn create a world in which every time of year is wonderful, just because we treat each other wonderfully.
***NOTE: No matter how muddy life feels or stretched you feel, if you are feeling anything other than love for yourself today, please know that we at the Playful Yogi love you and you are not alone, please reach out to someone for help!       

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