The journey is what we make of it…

Journeys are a funny thing, aren’t they? Sometimes we move along our paths so quickly in pursuit of our goals that we lose the true meaning of the journey itself. Goals are awesome because they come from a place of want, of desire and wanting things that are important to us isn’t bad at all. The problem shows up in other ways, for instance, have you ever been reaching so hard for something that you fall trying to get it? I have, in fact, sometimes I’m doing something seemingly simple, like untying a knot and the harder I try to find and loosen the tangle the more often I drop what I’m holding. Or, imagine being a baby again or someone else who isn’t able to communicate with words or in writing like we do within our cultural norms, and knowing exactly what you want, but you don’t have a way to ask for it that anyone around you understands.  — UGH, these things are so frustrating!

Sometimes when these types of situations happen in my life I’m lucky enough to stop myself before the point of frustration and remind myself to slow down, take a deep breath and just let whatever I’m trying to do happen. And sometimes I get mad. Either way, it’s a journey, a stop along my path towards what I’m trying to achieve, my purpose. Dharma is our purpose, but not just our personal purpose it’s our universal purpose. When we live our purpose we contribute to the larger goal of creating a world in which all beings are happy, healthy and free. The Universe after all wants us to be one, because we are all born from one framework. In yoga we identify that we live in all things and that all things live inside of us, that we are not what we seem to be, we are not separate beings who just happen to live amongst each other, we are one being living out different manifestations of a single existence.

To me, that is the coolest thing about life, we get to live out our individual journeys so that we can share collectively in a common goal! It takes work, of course, we can’t just live our purpose, we first need to know what our purpose is. That’s part of the journey, to create a space in which we can hear our heart’s desire and, with a little intention, live out our dreams and achieve our goals. This process of living our goals in yoga is known as Sankulpa, a commitment to live out our highest truth, the truth that drives our universal goal to be a better community. Sankulpas are our personal way of identifying what we want and creating a goal to get what we want. That’s when we start to make progress on building a better world, through being the best we that we can be. Write your intention, your purpose, and when you’re ready share it with us, we’d love to know what drives you.

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