How we learn

We love to learn!!!

It’s true, we will never stop learning, whether it’s in a classroom (Masters degrees!), in a professional training capacity, or even trying out a new activity, we’ll always DSC_0005.jpgbe looking for new opportunities to challenge what we already know. And as former preschool teachers, an Education student, and life-long learners we want to share a love for knowing with you.

Loving to learn is something we’re born with, just think back to all of the things you had to learn early on just to become you, but some of us lose that feeling along the way. We want to inspire you to continue on your own life-long learning journey, and so this page will be devoted to all things learning.

But, it’s not just about our learning – we’d love to hear from you, too! Teach us something about you, write an email or send a message, just tell us how you learn and we’ll try to share it right here. Oh, and don’t forget to send a Doodle of you practicing what you’re learning, art is as much a part of learning as yoga is.