How we play

Why, with intention of course!

Yoga and art are full of intention, in fact the word Vinyasa (one style of yoga that one-half of The Playful Yogi teaches) means “to place in a special way”. Of course there’s a place for a little bit of chaos in art, it’s just usually the controlled kind, or is it??? And, while we strive to our best to live intentionally, we also believe that no matter how old you grow, you can never out grow the need to have fun.

Living intentionally doesn’t mean that we  take ourselves too seriously either, after all learning through play is a big part of life. Instead, we look to living intentionally through following the Ashtanga, 8 limbs of yoga. By treating all beings with friendship and care we show that each life is meaningful, including our own.

Now it’s your turn to play with intention, share kindness with someone and learn something new today and every day!


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